We are creative, fun and technical studio based in Istanbul.

Looking for joy and accuracy in 3D designs from simple low poly models to photorealistic high detailed models, as well as fully interactive virtual environments, check our products and projects.

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Our Products

You can find all our available products which can be accessible thorugh different online markets. Please contact with us for all other formats of these products.


Megapoly.art introducing "Tugboats". This package includes 3 different tugboats perfectly fit in your maritime scene. The pack can be combined with other packages to create your fleet...


Megapoly.art presents "Buoys". This is a complementary package including 13 various type buoys perfectly fit in your maritime scene. The pack can be combined with other packages to cre...

Cargo Ships I

Megapoly.art introducing "Cargo Ships I". This package includes 3 different container ships and some on board prefabs including optimized shipping containers. In this first package we include 3 diffe...

More Benefits

We aim to create best design with passion and accuracy. Every single detail, every single pixel matters for us. Our products are optimized to fully aligns with your request. We enjoy what we do.

Game Assets - Lowpoly

We support game developers by creating game assets they need. Lowpoly modeling is a popular and unique technique for optimized performance. While keeping the polygon count minimum, we keep all single details and with correct texture you will have unique design set in your hands.

Highpoly Models

We have a deep experience in 3D modelling with various softwares. Creating realistic objects is an intense process including designing based on references&concept drawings and creating materials/textures.But after all these processes the output will be alwyas satisfying.

Photorealistic Renders

It is always the final touches that makes the difference. Even modeling seems the main part of 3D projects, you cannot get the client with wrong scene setupi lights, colors, post effects. We are professionals on seetting up the render parameters to get the best render.

Interactive Scenes

The future of 3D design relies in interactive scenes. Instead of static renders/animations projects with customer interaction attracts more interest. Mobile/web demos, showrooms, tutorials etc. anything canbe created.


As "anima" means soul in Latin, we give soul and style to your concepts, designs and ideas. We deliver high quality animations to touch all your senses.

2D Designs

Not only 3D but we are also performing 2D designs with the help of our 3D capabilities as well as we do 2D concept sketching for 3D projects.

Let's Design Together

Share your ideas, your dream and we help you to create it virtually from a single model to fully working interactive scene.