Ottoman Gravestones

Historical Ottoman Gravestones

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Ottoman Gravestones is proud to introduce "Ottoman Gravestones". This package includes various types of historical Ottoman grave stones. This pack is not photogrammetry assets, all assets has been modeled and textured based on photo references. All gravestones includes 4 levels of LOD.

The pack is High DefinitÄ°on Rendering Pipeline (10.8.1) pack, with a set of high quality PBR textures with 4096x4096 mapping. You can resize textures to best fit your needs. For builtin and and URP support you car create your own materials from the texture sets.

Pack also includes few bonus assets e.g. foliage and ground texture.

Pack Info
Number of textures : 3 (BaseMap, Normal, Mask)
Texture sizes : 4096x4096px
Avg. Polygon count : 3500 ~ 5000
Maximum polygon count : 5000
Number of meshes : 8
Number of prefabs : 8
Rigging : NO
Animation : NO
UV mapping: YES
LOD information :4 LOD Level

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